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My name is Steven

As a young child I always had a curiosity about life after death and how there might just be some truth behind talk’s of the Spirit World. I used to watch ‘Psychic Medium Sally Morgan’ on tv when I was younger with my mum. I don’t know why it was of such interest to me at that age, but as year's went on my journey into Mediumship and Healing work began to unfold...

When I turned fifteen years old life felt all-too-much! I didn't quite know how I felt about myself and the life experience I was having, life felt challenging and unpredictable. I decided to explore ways in which I can help myself, so I looked in the area's of mindfulness related topics. I came across topics such as Meditation, Law of Attraction, Energy Healing and Mediumship and the groundwork began from there.

Going forward some months I started developing consistently in a circle for Mediumship when I was sixteen years old, I learned so much during this time and my mind was blown at some of the experiences I had. At this time I also studied Reiki which is a form of Energy Healing, working on the healing and recovery process of the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Many years onwards, I look back and feel so blessed and amazed at all that I have been blessed to learn. I had been fortunate to have had some brilliant teachers cross pathway's with me over the years, some of which are still present in my life today. I still attend a development circle for my Mediumship and I feel that is something that will be with me forever, the learning and development in this line of work is something that forever continues.

I now work as a Medium and Healer, being guided by my guides in the Spirit World helping to bring about guidance, communication, connection and healing to each of us. We bridge the gap between the two worlds. allowing for communication between us and our loved ones whom have passed over. We also offer guidance sessions, helping to bring forward clarity, insight and a deeper sense-of-direction as to how we can move forward. Our energy healing sessions bring peace, relaxation and balance to feel centred and grounded with wellness.

I have started to develop as a platform Medium, demonstrating the work of Spirit in a public setting, this for me has been very eye-opening and has sparked something in me that wishes to further explore Mediumship in itself. As for Reiki Energy Healing, I teach Reiki Level's One, Two and Three, alongside holding Reiki Development circles. I also hold Mindfulness Meditation classes, to help centre ourselves and build upon a space we can go inside our inner-worlds, where we can take time out and relax, reset.

I thank you for taking your time to read this section of my website and I hope that you have a wonderful journey ahead of you. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions you may like to ask, or if you would like clarity on any of the services available.

With Love,


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