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Dream Analysis (Comprehensive)

Spirit-led analysis, brining understanding, guidance, healing and clearance to required areas

  • 1 hour
  • 60 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

Dreams can be tough to process and difficult understand at times, right? Do you find you have a repetitive dream? Or, have had a dream that you wish to gain more clarity one etc.? In our earthly-life experience, our dreams hold an incredible significance to our every-day-lives. Whilst sometimes dreams may not be so significant, there are often dreams that hold such great importance in our lives. We can at times find ourselves struggling to understand our dreams, perhaps they are unsettling or, disruptive to our wellbeing and balance... This type of appointment is unique and interesting for the recipient to take part in the exploration of their dream/s, coming to make sense of them and then understand how dreams can be integrated as a positive modality. What could you expect from this type of service? - A discussion of your dream/s - Spirit-led assessment of your dream/s - Psychic evaluation and exploration - An understanding of your dream/s - Questions and answers - A space to express your concerns/beliefs - Dream analysis and interpretation - Focused healing on the core-root connected to your dream/s - Insight and a new/different understanding - Exploration of the meaning/s of your dream/s - Learning how you-yourself, can better interpret your dream/s It is natural and healthy to have a desire in making sense of them, often times there are messages within our dreams which call to our attention for purposes of guidance, or a notice for what we may need to become aware of. Our dreams can be symbolic in nature and often bring a focus on the past, present and future. At times, our dreams show us areas of our past that we need focused healing on, and this often is the case with repetitive-dreams. The depths to this spirit-led dream analysis appointment continue on and on... Taking dedicated time for your personal dream-exploration can make all the difference in aiding and maintaining balance and wellness. A way to look at how misunderstood/un-resolved dreams impact our internal and external lives, is to consider it to be similar to that of a 'junk-draw' that more often than not each of us have in our homes. As times goes on and we fill the draw up with more things, it causes clutter and makes it difficult to navigate through the draw easily, it contributes to more energy being used and stress being amplified. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions in relation to this type of appointment. ~ Steven

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Orpington, UK

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