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Energetic House Clearance (Remote)

Clearing of 'heavy' uncomfortable energy and, or nuisance spirits, to bring harmony, balance & peace

  • 1 hour
  • 60 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

Do you feel an unpleasant energy in a part of your home environment? Or, have you noticed any 'spiritual activity' come to your attention? As we all know , home is where the heart is, our home is where we find our peace... Through an energetic clearance, restorative and harmonious balance is brought back into place. What could you expect from this type of service? - Spirit-led assessment of the energetic dynamics within your home - Psychic evaluation of the energy - Discussion of energy and, or spiritual activity within your environment - Exploration of its origin, and, or reason for being present - A focused energetic clearance/shift from guides who work with me in spirit - Questions and answers - A space to express your concerns/beliefs - Communication (if desired) with whom it is that may be causing a nuisance (Who is it? Why are they around? Is it a loved one, or not etc.?) - Insight and a new/different understanding - Learning how you-yourself, can maintain the energetic balance within your home The awareness of such an energy may be described as 'stuck', 'heavy', or 'uncomfortable', and it may feel histrionic, or relatively new to your environment. What is important to know about this service? Should you feel that it is a nuisance spirit, or even a polite spirit within your home, it's important to know that there is nothing to be feeling fearful from in such circumstance... Spirits can be earth-bound for many reasons, and more often they are not in our environments to cause any kind of discomfort... The spirits whom may be referred to as a 'nuisance' are not that of anything 'dark' or 'sinister', the reality is that they are just being irresponsible and perhaps crossing over personal boundaries so-to-speak. It is similar in the non-physical realms, to what it is like hereon earth. For example, there are sometimes people who cause others a nuisance and bother here in the physical, perhaps not listening to others and respecting their boundaries when being asked to leave ones home etc. Perhaps this person made a mess in someones home and caused some loud noise etc. Leading to clear and thorough communication being required, to instruct that individual to get out of the persons home environment, thus brining peace back into the home, similar to how my guides work with me to clear ones home of any bother. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions in relation to this type of appointment. ~ Steven

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Orpington, UK

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